Crediting Back Core Charges on TPI

by Martin Mercer-Deadman, Customer Care Guru

Charging for Cores is a standard procedure in salvage yards, and TPI’s invoicing system is set up for it. What do you do, however, when a customer returns a core? How do you credit them back in the system? Here are the steps to follow:

Bring up the original invoice with the relevant core charge. Go to More Options on the right-hand side and click on Credit Transaction.  Click on the left drop-down menu next to the Engine (see screenshot below; in this example, we have used an invoice from an engine).  In the window that opens, click on the Remove button.

The engine will be removed.  Click on +Credit Core Exchange and from the new window select Core.  Click on +Add.


The core will be added to the credit note.  Check credit to see if all the details are correct, you will also have to fill the in the field for Reason for Credit, then click Credit.

If you then go to Connect, Sales Overview, you will see the credit.


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