A Roadmap to Success, from TPI Management

How to harness the power of TPI’s system and increase your chances of success

TPI is a software that can be used either in the simplest manner (in order to upload inventory and sell it on the internet) or in a more comprehensive way (to run your salvage yard business from the back door to the front, including a stop in Accounting and Marketing along the way). If a User engages with TPI and does more than post inventory (which is perfectly legitimate), they will find that their business has a chance of becoming more profitable and efficient through the strength of the features already in place and the development of their growth in the long run.

1. Stay active within the system: if you consistently enter and then delete parts, your parts will show up on a regular basis and sell faster. Similar to the way social media functions, the more active you stay within the system, the more you maintain an immediate presence in the marketplace.

2. The more information you enter for each part, the better the placement will be: A good, clear description with detailed content helps bring your part to the top in searches, and multiple images and/or videos also help out immensely. Adding multiple images and video is easy to do, and only helps in expanding the market for your product. As well, the more information that is put up, the better the overall search will be on Google, helping to bring your particular item to the top of Google’s search when it is looked for.

3. Try to integrate Reports into your monthly routines: if you are using our invoicing function or deleting parts, you will get these reports. You will begin to see where your business is doing well and where things could be improved, and this will help point you in a better direction in terms of future decisions.

4. Use the Missed Sales function: this handy little feature can be found at the end of the Post tab on the Sellers homepage, and allows you to track what parts are being asked for but that you don’t have. It’s another way of improving your inventory based on what your customers are looking for.

5. If you haven’t done so yet, start using the CRM (Customer Relations Manager) that is included in the TPI software: It is a great tool that, at the very least, will help you organize all of your customer information in one place, and hopefully be able to use the information stored in a way to maintain and improve your relationships. Relationships are the glue that makes everything stick, and our CRM will help you strengthen that bond.

TPI is a thoughtful powerhouse with built-in solutions, and following the five tips above will help you drive your way to greater success and profitability.
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